2017-18 State Meetings: Statewide meetings take place on the 3rd Saturday of the month. The dates for this year's meetings are as follows:

  • September 16
  • November 18
  • January 20
  • March 17
  • May 19
Mark your calendars now!

Message from President Carolyn: Greetings, Weavers! Greetings, Weavers! Autumn welcomes us to another year of great meetings. I hope to see you at our state meetings for some excellent camaraderie, speakers, and workshops, the mysteries of the Weftovers tables, and perusing the depths of the library.
I would like to thank all of our volunteers who make things happen for the guild. We depend on all manner of helpers to keep the guild running, from those with official positions to those who bring a dish for lunch or pitch in with some last-minute task. It's all very much appreciated.
I love the guild's great sense of community. It's amazing what you can do with string and amazing how it ties us together.
See you soon

Membership (Anne Graham): Annual membership renewal began on June 1, 2017. If I have not received your renewal, the 2017/2018 Directory does not include your listing. Any Guild member who has not yet renewed will have a red dot on their name tag and their last Knot issue will be September 2017. Forms will be available at the State meeting, and on the website. Please also contact Anne for any changes or corrections needed for address, phone or e-mail listings, either now or during the year.
Many thanks to Isobel Domber, whose swatches from a Mary Snyder Lace Workshop are going into the "New Member" packet to inspire our newest members.
New Lamps for Old – The 2017-2018 HGC Directories will be available at the Sept State Meeting. The plastic spine, or "comb," of last year's directory can be reused. If you are planning to discard your old directory, please bring the comb back to be recycled and reused for next year's directories. A collection box will be available at all the State Meeting. If you are unable to remove the comb, bring the whole directory.

Anne G. and Pat M on "Show and Tell": Guild members often get inspiration from the items displayed at our meetings. At each Guild meeting, members and guests are invited to display their work on the long table in the meeting room. Be sure to identify your pieces with your name and a description. There is a drawing for participants, and one will receive a prize. This is a great way to share a piece of yourself with the rest of us. Beginners need not be shy! We all love to see the projects. If you have any weaving related items that you no longer use, Pat and Anne would appreciate your donations for prizes. If you have any weaving related items that you no longer use, Pat and Anne would appreciate your donations for prizes

Doug Johnson on Rentals: Wow! Can it already be the fall and a new beginning for us? Over the summer, the Guild's rental equipment collection has seen a lot of use. As the first maxi workshop in November doesn't entail the use of looms, the Guild's rental looms are more available than usual this time of year.
Guild members will find a list of all available equipment in the Directory. Please do read the pages about equipment rentals, they contain all the basic information, and can answer most questions. A couple of editorial changes made in the listings respond to frequent confusion about summer rates.
Note the welcome addition of an 8-shaft Schacht Wolf Pup loom to the inventory this year. The Guild's equipment continues to be housed at the Hartford Artisans Weaving Center, 40 Woodland Street in Hartford. We are grateful for this kindness!
Please contact Rentals coordinator Doug Johnson for equipment availability and to make arrangements for pick-up and returns. Again this year, Claudia Spaulding will continue to help Doug – forming the rentals team. Many thanks go out to weavers who have used the looms and improved them while under their care.
If you are interested in renting the Magic Dobby loom, which is located at the Velvet Mills Studio in Stonington, be aware that the loom may be used on site at Velvet Mills, where Lola can provide expert guidance on how to use this complex loom.

HGC Librarian Cindy Palmer: Area 4 is responsible for sending a helper to the library for the September meeting. The volunteer should be there by 9 am. The book sale continues. Any fiber related book is welcome. If you have a lot of magazines to donate, please ask first or be prepared to take them home if they don't sell. We have some new books and I'm always happy to get suggestions.
Don't forget to return your books.

KC on Weftovers: Looking for some supplies for your next project? Make sure and check out the Weftovers table. We have lots of new stuff! And as always, your help is welcome to man the table. Please contact your area chairperson or the Weftovers coordinator, K.C. Alexander, at weftovers@handweaversguildofct.org to sign up. I especially need people early in the morning to help set-up (8am) and to cover lunch-hour. Thanks!

Handweavers' Guild Instagram Account (Jenny Sethman): The Weaver's Guild has a new Instagram account. Instagram is a social media application that allows its users to share pictures and video via their mobile devices. Our guild's account is handweaversguildofct. We have three administrators, Claudia Spaulding, Jody Brewer and myself. We encourage everyone who has an Instagram account to 'follow' us as well as share any weaving related picture so that we can post them via this interesting technology. I would also be happy to assist anyone who may have questions regarding the Instagram account.
Our facebook page has now over 220 likes! A way for us to share our weavings, ideas, and thoughts online. Check it out. There is no need to join facebook to access the site.

Fran C. and Dorrie H. on Ratings: The March HGC meeting is the deadline for submitting items for ratings this year. Any member who is planning to submit their work for ratings at the March meeting is asked to notify Fran Curran or Dorrie.

Lucienne's new book
Lucienne's new book