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March Equipment Sale
Do you have unused equipment just taking up space in the corner? The March meeting is our Annual Equipment Sale. Any fiber-related equipment is acceptable (weaving, spinning, knitting, crochet etc.). No yarn and no books.
Shoppers: This sale is always popular. This is always a good opportunity to pick up something you might need or want.
To register or for more information contact Diane Gerity.

Message from President Carolyn: Greetings, Weavers! Our March meeting will be a busy one, including our annual equipment sale, intake for the Biennial Show, and submissions to the ratings program. There are lots of reasons to come to the meeting! Thanks to all the volunteers who make these programs possible—and I hope that everyone has had a cozy winter weaving up beautiful things for the show and for ratings portfolios.

Many of you will remember the open workshop that Janney Simpson gave last year talking about her trip to Kosrae, Micronesia, and her son Matt's efforts to start a hand papermaking company using locally produced banana fiber. The Green Banana Company now has a website (http://greenbananapaper.com) and a Kickstarter Campaign (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/greenbanana/green-banana-paper-wallets). They can also be found on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter: look for details on their website.

From time to time I get email messages from members of the community looking for information on looms they've inherited or need to sell. Recently a family in Glastonbury has asked for help identifying an inherited loom. If anyone in the area might be available to take a look and advise them, please let me know and I'll forward the contact information. I've also had a message from a (former?) weaver in Rocky Hill who has two looms, related equipment, and a large store of yarn for sale. This could be a good opportunity for a new weaver or perhaps someone needing a portable loom for NEWS this summer. Please let me know if you're interested.
Happy Weaving! Carolyn

Donna Batsford on the 2017 Biennial Show

I look forward to seeing all the wonderful pieces that will be displayed during the month of April. Post cards you can distribute will be available at the March meeting. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the show, from beginners to experts. Your entries must be submitted to your area chair by the March 18 state Guild meeting. We cannot accept pieces later than that. The information you need for entering the show, including forms, fees, entry requirements and award categories are posted. If you cannot access the materials online, contact your area chair or me at Donna.

Fran C. and Dorrie H. on Ratings: The March HGC meeting is the deadline for submitting items for ratings this year. Any member who is planning to submit their work for ratings at the March meeting is asked to let Fran Curran or Dorrie know ASAP.

Anne G. and Pat M on "Show and Tell": Guild members often get inspiration from the items displayed at our meetings. At each Guild meeting, members and guests are invited to display their work on the long table in the meeting room. Be sure to identify your pieces with your name and a description. There is a drawing for participants, and one will receive a prize. This is a great way to share a piece of yourself with the rest of us. Beginners need not be shy! We all love to see the projects. If you have any weaving related items that you no longer use, Pat and Anne would appreciate your donations for prizes

Doug Johnson on Rentals: Spring is around the corner, and with it plans for this year's edition of NEWS and MAFA. So far, two looms have been reserved in advance of these conference workshops in July. If you think you'll need to rent a loom for your own summer weaving plans, please be in touch soon.

Information about equipment rentals as well as a list of all available equipment is in the Guild Directory, on pp. 9-10. This information is also on the Guild website. The equipment is stored at the Hartford Artisans Weaving Center, 40 Woodland Street, Hartford. The Guild is grateful to the Center for this kind favor! **In advance of the fall edition of the Guild Directory, there will soon be an opportunity to clarify and improve the wording of the rental guidelines and the loom & equipment listings found there. Please send me your thoughtful feedback on the information and/or the format of these listings. My goal is to put that information language that is as clear and accessible as possible.** The equipment is housed at the Hartford Artisans Weaving Center, 40 Woodland Street, Hartford. A big "Thank You" once again to the Weaving Center for this kind favor!
Please contact Rentals coordinator Doug Johnson for all equipment availability and pick-up arrangements. Also contact the Rentals coordinator if you are interested in renting the Magic Dobby loom, which is located at the Velvet Mills Studio in Stonington. The loom is also available for use on site at Velvet Mills, where Lola can provide guidance on how to use this complex loom.

HGC Librarian Cindy Palmer: Area 1 and Area 4 should send a helper at the January Guild meeting. Please be there by 9:00.
Come and see what's new on the donation table. And don't forget to return your books.
Don't forget to return your books.

KC on Weftovers: Weftovers did well in January netting $248.15 for the Scholarship Fund! The "white sale" seemed to be popular, and there is still a bunch left if you missed it.

As always, we need volunteers at every meeting to help mind the store. Please contact KC to sign-up. I especially need people to help unload the truck, set-up and to cover lunch-hour. Remember that your purchases and donations support the Guild's scholarship fund.

Handweavers' Guild Instagram Account (Jenny Sethman): The Weaver's Guild has a new Instagram account. Instagram is a social media application that allows its users to share pictures and video via their mobile devices. Our guild's account is handweaversguildofct. We have three administrators, Claudia Spaulding, Jody Brewer and myself. We encourage everyone who has an Instagram account to 'follow' us as well as share any weaving related picture so that we can post them via this interesting technology. I would also be happy to assist anyone who may have questions regarding the Instagram account.
Our facebook page has now over 194 likes. Help us get to 200! A way for us to share our weavings, ideas, and thoughts online. Check it out. There is no need to join facebook to access the site.

Lucienne's new book
Lucienne's new book