Weather alerts for state meetings. If the weather looks dicey, check the UCONN-Greater Hartford website for weather alerts. If UConn-Greater Hartford campus cancels classes, the state meeting will be cancelled.

2017-18 State Meetings: Statewide meetings take place on the 3rd Saturday of the month. The dates for this year's meetings are as follows:

  • January 20
  • March 17
  • May 19
Mark your calendars now!

Message from President Carolyn:

Happy New Year! Some good news to start the year: Karen Leach has graciously agreed to serve as our new Hospitality Chair, starting with our March meeting. Thanks for Karen for taking on this position and to the area chairs who have gone above and beyond while this position has been empty.
In terms of other board positions, we will be electing a new Program Chair and a new president this spring. Now's a good time to give this some thought…let me know if you might be interested in serving in either of these roles, or if you have other ideas for improving our meetings. The success of our meetings depends on our volunteers. Thanks to all who lend a hand. We can always a bit of help setting up for meetings and then returning all of the rooms to their previous condition.
I hope that everyone's weaving resolutions for 2018 are in place and underway. Best wishes for a creative and colorful new year!

March Equipment Sale
Do you have unused equipment just taking up space in the corner? The March meeting is our Annual Equipment Sale. Any fiber-related equipment is acceptable (weaving, spinning, knitting, crochet etc.). No yarn and no books.
Shoppers: This sale is always popular. This is a good opportunity to pick up something you might need or want.
There is no fee to participate. Please provide your own small table for display. The set-up is in the front of the main room. To register or for more information contact Diane Gerity.

Hartford Artisans Weaving Center: We are happy to announce that Hilary Swaim is the new Executive Director of the Weaving Center. Hilary joined the Weaving Center in June 2016 as the development and marketing manager. Fran Curran will continue on as the Weaving Center's creative director. Fran is excited to focus on teaching, designing products, and testing new weaving ideas.
If you have not met Hilary, she welcomes a visit, call, or note from you. Her email address is Hilary Swaim. She will attend the next state-wide Guild meeting to meet you all in-person. As always, the Weaving Center welcomes visitors and volunteers of all skill levels. Stay connected with the Weaving Center online:

Membership (Anne Graham): There are a number of people who have joined or rejoined the Guild since the directory was published. They are listed on the last page of this issue for your convenience. Please print it or tear it and add it to your existing directory.

New Lamps for Old – The 2017--2018 HGC Directories will be available at all State Meetings. We will be collecting old directories/ combs (the plastic spine) at all the State Meetings for recycling. Please place contributions in any purple badge bag. Thank you for your help.

Anne G. and Pat M on "Show and Tell": Guild members often get inspiration from the items displayed at our meetings. At each Guild meeting, members and guests are invited to display their work on the long table in the meeting room. Be sure to identify your pieces with your name and a description. There is a drawing for participants, and one will receive a prize. This is a great way to share a piece of yourself with the rest of us. Beginners need not be shy! We all love to see the projects. If you have any weaving related items that you no longer use, Pat and Anne would appreciate your donations for prizes. If you have any weaving related items that you no longer use, Pat and Anne would appreciate your donations for prizes

Doug Johnson on Rentals:Members have begun to reserve for workshops and explorations in the New Year, and some looms are still available. Please contact Rentals coordinator Doug Johnson or 860‐956-1689) for all equipment availability and pick‐up arrangements. Please – be specific as to your needs.
Information about rentals and a list of all available equipment is in the Guild Directory and on the Guild website. The equipment is housed at the Hartford Artisans Weaving Center, 40 Woodland Street in Hartford. A big "Thank You" to the Weaving Center for this kind favor!
Contact me if you are interested in renting the Magic Dobby loom. If desired, it may be used on site at the Velvet Mills studio in Stonington, where Lola can provide expert guidance.
Happy weaving in the New Year, y'all

HGC Librarian Cindy Palmer: It is Area 1's turn to send a helper to the library. Please come by 9:00.
Claudia has purchased a tablet for the library. Now, you will be able to access the book list and search by subject. We have been looking forward to being able to do this for a long time. Thank you Claudia. The mini book sale continues. Please bring any fiber related books and they will be sold for a donation that benefits the Guild. No magazines please.
And as always, don't forget to return your books.

KC on Weftovers: Start the New Year by putting a Weftovers warp on your loom. How about white or natural? The annual January White Sale will again be featuring a 50% discount, so start planning your projects and remember that dye days will be here before we know it. Please remember to bring small bills or checks and your own bag!
Although donations are greatly appreciated and essential for the success of this Guild service, January is the last month of our Guild "year" to donate yarn to Weftovers. In March we start reducing inventory before our blow-out sale in May.
In November, Weftovers netted an impressive $178.65 to put toward the Scholarship fund. Thank you for all your donations and purchases.
And as always, your help is welcome to man the table. Please contact your area chairperson or the Weftovers coordinator, K.C. Alexander, at weftovers@handweaversguildofct.org to sign up. I especially need people early in the morning to help set-up (8am) and to cover lunch-hour. Thanks!

Handweavers' Guild Instagram Account (Jenny Sethman): The Weaver's Guild has an Instagram account. Instagram is a social media application that allows its users to share pictures and video via their mobile devices. Our guild's account is handweaversguildofct. We have three administrators, Claudia Spaulding, Jody Brewer and myself. We encourage everyone who has an Instagram account to 'follow' us as well as share any weaving related picture so that we can post them via this interesting technology. I would also be happy to assist anyone who may have questions regarding the Instagram account.
Our facebook page has now 249 likes! A way for us to share our weavings, ideas, and thoughts online. Check it out. There is no need to join facebook to access the site.

Fran C. and Dorrie H. on Ratings: Are you interested in becoming an Apprentice, Journeyman or Master Weaver? Here are two important notes about the Guild ratings program:

Sad News
We are saddened to report the passing of Charlie Doyle, husband of Jan Doyle. He passed away on January 2nd after a long illness. Jan was a long-time Rhode Islandguild member and during her term as President, among other things, her work resulted in us obtaining our 501c3 non-profit status. Jan's weaving was featured at our NEWS Special Exhibit in July 2017, along with the weaving of Tony Kormos and Norma Smayda. Charlie Doyle's obituary may be found on the web. Memorial donations may be made to the Pt. Judith Fisherman's Scholarship Fund, PO Box 386, Narragansett, RI 02882.

Lucienne's new book
Lucienne's new book