HGC Ratings Requirements (revised 2017):(Click to download a copy of ratings document)

The purpose of these ratings is to offer formal Guild recognition to members who are interested in expanding their knowledge and skills, and are willing to expose their work to a formal critiquing process. Ratings work is an exercise; it is not necessarily an example of your particular style. Items woven from published projects, such as in Handwoven Magazine, are not acceptable. 

Every article must be handwoven by the applicant. Workmanship, function, design, and originality must be acceptable to the judges. An applicant must satisfy the requirements for Apprentice and Journeyman prior to applying for Master Weaver rating. Each guild member may apply for only one rating level per year. Ratings will take place every other year, opposite the CT Biennial Show. An applicant must be an HGC member in good standing by January 1 of the year in order to submit their handwoven articles for ratings.

A network of mentors, knowledgeable to the process (at least holding the journeyman ratings or the equivalent) will be available to lead and help when there are questions about understanding directions or checking finished pieces. The mentors will give suggestions to the best of their ability. Contact the Ratings chair to get the name of the mentor for your Area. 

The Ratings Chairperson shall select two judges, one of which shall be a Master Weaver or the equivalent. Submissions are due at the March meeting, every year, with awards presented at the May meeting. Work submitted for one rating may not be resubmitted for a higher rating. Submitted work should be carefully boxed. The weaver should not be identified by name on any article or notebook. A candidate whose work has not met the requirements may reapply within two years, with new pieces replacing the rejected ones.

Entry Fees will be collected by the chairperson at the time of submission:

The following book list and glossary may be helpful in your work:

Atwater, MaryThe Shuttle-Craft Book of American Weaving
Black, MaryNew Key to Weaving
Bress, HeleneThe Weaving Book
Chandler, DeborahLearning to Weave
Davison, MargueriteA Handweaver's Pattern Book
Collingwood, PeterTechniques of Rug Weaving
Dixon, Anne A Handweaver's Pattern Directory
Frey, BertaDesigning and Drafting for Handweavers
Harvey, NancyTapestry Weaving
Strickler, CarolA Weaver's Book of 8-Shaft Patterns
Tidball, HarrietThe Weaver's Book
Van der Hoogt, MadelynThe Complete Book of Drafting
Weavers' Guild of BostonProcessing and Finishing Handwoven Textiles
West, Virginia Finishing Touches for the Handweaver


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