The state guild is divided geographically into four areas. For information about any area, contact the area chairperson. The local areas hold regular meetings in addition to the bimonthly state meeting. Please feel free to attend any Area meeting. For information on which area is closest to you, contact the webmaster.

Area I - North Central CT
Meetings held bimonthly on the first Tuesday from October through June.
Area 1 Contacts: Sue Turner and Jean Bronson

January Guild Meeting Area 1 is responsible for both the coffee hour and lunch at the meeting on January 20th. I will need help in the kitchen for both, as well as for clean-up after lunch. I will be there by 8:00 to start the coffee and would love to have some company. We are also responsible for sending a volunteer to help Cindy in the library. Please plan to be there by 9:00.

Feb 6 - 6pm We will start with pizza and salad and then discuss our 2018 project, a pillow in Summer & Winter with a little 'weaver's poker' thrown in. It's not too late to participate in the project. Be sure to bring your latest projects for Show and Tell.
If you have any questions and/or to RSVP, contact Sue.

Area 2 - South Central CT
Meetings held monthly on the first Thursday of the month in members' homes at 7pm.
Area 2 Contact: Donna Batsford

Feb 1 - 7pm
March 1 - 7pm
At our November meeting we decided to study M's and O's as a group. We talked about it in general in December, and I gave out a sheet of notes from various references. For February and March, our plan is to choose something to weave in M's and O's, then bring it to a meeting to share. I have several Handwovens which have project ideas, but you may do what appeals to you. Hopefully we will get some interesting variations as well as traditional pieces. You may refer to my magazines if you wish..
All meetings will be at Donna Batsford's. Please bring recent projects for show and tell at each of the meetings. Contact Donna with any questions

Area 3 - Western CT
Monthly meetings held in members' homes the 2nd Sunday of the month, September through June
Area 3 Contact: Nan Jackson

January 14 - noon  The Area 3 Handweavers' meeting for January will be at Bloodroot restaurant. Our tradition has been to get together for lunch/brunch at noon in the dining room of Bloodroot, and then move to the back room for a meeting and the annual Friendship Exchange. This year 17 of us (I think) produced a warp, long enough to weave 3 dishtowels, which were put into a drawing. The challenge was to weave three dish towels, one to return to the person who wound the warp, one for herself, and one to add to a lottery. We ask the weavers to please include notes (on yarns, sett, and shrinkage) and a draft to go with each of the two towels in the exchange. Whether or not you wove towels for the exchange it is fun to see what a variety of weaving the group produces. Also, please bring your latest projects for the group to see, and your ideas for a name for the 2019 Biennial Show
For directions or more info, contact Nan.

Feb 11 - 1pm The February meeting will take place at the home of Betsy Greene in Westport. Our area of study this year has been weaving wearables. The subject this month is how to make a duct tape dress form. Those who want to make a form should bring a knit T-shirt and at least 2 rolls of duct tape. Some members have successfully made a dress form and will help with the taping and instructions.
Please RSVP and for directions or more info,contact Nan.

Area 4 - Eastern CT, Southern CT River Valley and Rhode Island
Meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at the home of the members. All meetings include a short business meeting and show and tell.
Area 4 Contact: Mary Ann Kistner and Margie Wheeler

Jan 11 - 10am -Area 4 will meet at the Road Church in Stonington, beginning at 10 am with Part 2 of a Friendship Vest Project with Sharon Northby. Participants should have their Vest pattern cut on medium weight Fusi-Knit and bring Handwoven samples/scraps for sharing with other participants. Pot luck and Show & Tell.

Feb 8 - 10am The meeting will take place at the Road Church in Stonington The program will be a discussion of Hints, Tools, and Articles that we use and love.
There will be time for Show and Tell.

Area 3 Natural Dye Day
Area 3 Natural Dye Day