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Norwood Cherry Loom with Toika Computer assist for sale - $2,800

Norwood Cherry Loom - Purchased in the mid-1980’s from Webs. The loom has a 40" weaving surface, 8 harnesses, 10 treadles and a Toika computer box with small Acer laptop. Also included are a variety of reeds, leash sticks, shuttles, rattle, heddles, selections of weaving books and Handwoven magazines. Purchaser is responsible for pick-up in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Contact Susan C to purchase or for more information. (posted 1/18)

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Loom for sale - $800
This is a very nice loom, well-proportioned & stable, made out of oak with mortise and tenon construction, circa 1700's, probably Connecticut-made. The loom has a built-in bench, 2 harnesses plus 4 spares; 2 treadles which don't match each other A few hundred new linen heddles, hand-tied and linseed-starched.
Also included are 3 antique reeds, plus one new 40" stainless steel 12 epi reed, 90-yard warping board with few usable pegs, 20-spool creel with a few pegs, plus new pegs, mallet (for assembly), and miscellaneous wooden parts that came with it.
Paper-and textile documentation. It *had* powder post beetles, but not now. Holes remain, some filled with wood putty. A few missing parts have been replaced with new wood. All old wood has been cleaned, treated with borax bug-killer, and finished with tung oil.
The loom is located in New London, CT $800, possibly including delivery and set-up help
Contact Ellen Anthony, former chair of Area 6, to purchase or for more information. (posted 10/17)

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36" Sievers 4 shaft loom - $600
Sievers 4 harness direct tie up 36" weaving width
includes warp board, bench, and 3 reeds (8,10,12 dent) $600 ($1000 new)

Contact Doris to purchase or for more information. (posted 10/17)
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48" LeClerc Colonial - $600

LeClerc Colonial in very good working condition.  4-harness (not sectional warp beam).  Beautiful loom with new insertion-eye heddles.  Bench not included.  Pick up in Old Lyme, CT.   Contact Stephanie Morton to purchase or for more information. (posted 9/17)

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48" FairLoom, built by Newcomb Loom Co. - $600

FairLoom, built by Newcomb Loom Co, but sold through the Sears catalogue. Good working condition. 48", 4-harness jack loom, with handmade bench. Sturdy enough for rug weaving. Sectional beam, but does not include spool rack. Pick up in Old Lyme, CT. Contact Stephanie Morton to purchase or for more information. (posted 9/17)

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Books and Yarn for sale -

The Best of Weavers Fabrics that Go Bump
The Best of Weavers Doubleweave
Doubleweave On 4-8 Shafts Ann Grischott
Saori Misao Jo and Kenzo Jo
Time to Weave Jane Patrick
Finishing Touches for the Handweaver Virginia West
The Technique of Free Form Design Nanch Searles
Weaving a Traditional Coverlet Helen Jarvis
A Handweavers' Source Book Marguerite Davison
Weaving Overshot Donna Lee Sullivan
A Handweavers Notebook Sharon Alderman
Creative Overshot Margaret Winderknecht
New Guide to Weaving No. 1 How to Wind a Warp & Use a Paddle Peggy Osterkamp
Josephine Estes Miniature Overshot Patterns for Handweaving
Weavers Wearables Virginia West
Warp Painting- A Manual for Weavers Dominie Nash
Undulating Weft Effects Harriet Tidball
Plainweave is Anything But Plain Leslie Voiers
Mastering Weave Structures Sharon Alderman
Key to Weaving Black
Most copies of Handwoven from 2001 to present and some copies prior to 2000
Very large stash of quality yarn
Pricing upon request: contact Carol. (posted 7/17)


New Leclerc Loom Stand for LeClerc Meco 4 shaft table loom-$250

Leclerc table loom stand, sturdy, used for only 1 year. Will fit most table looms. New $340, will consider any fair offer around $200. Contact Joy S. to purchase or for more information. (posted 9/17)


3 Harrisville Looms: Two HD 8H 22" floor looms $800. These come with wheel kits for taking to workshops.
HD 8H 45" floor loom $1800 So brand new it is not all the way out together yet But can be.
These prices are bare bone. No accessories

Contact Lola for more information.

Many looms are for sale at Lola Leipold's fiber arts studio. They are available to see and use 6 days a week from 10am-4pm at Velvet Mill Studio, located in Stonington, CT. To see what else is available, go to Lola's website. (posted 9/17)


30", 4 shaft Norwood - $600 -

The loom is in good condition and has a sectional beam. Also included are warping board, bobbin winder, shuttle, sley hooks, wooden swift,and 4 bobbins. The loom is being stored in Westport CT and pick up can be worked out with the purchaser. Contact Karene to purchase or for more information. (posted 10/16)