Apprentice Rating (Click to download a copy of ratings document)

The purpose of the Apprentice exercise is to show you can weave with a variety of fibers, and that you have technical competence with:

  1. Weaving requirements
    Submit four finished articles, all woven on a loom with shafts . Items woven on a computer assisted loom are not acceptable for Apprentice (see General Information #11).
    • Each article submitted should be different. For example:
      • placemat
      • table runner
      • pillow cover
      • dish towel
      • stole
      • guest towel, etc
    • Each article should be woven on a warp of a different fiber. Yarns of the following fibers must be used:
      • all wool
      • all cotton
      • linen or cottolin
      • your choice (but none of the above), such as silk, rayon chenille, polyester, mixed fiber yarns, etc.
    • The weft material is your choice. It must be compatible with and appropriate for the warp size and sett. The weft may not completely cover the warp.
    • Use at least four different weave structures.
    • Each finished article should be no smaller than 8" in width (the warp in the reed must be sufficient to produce a finished width of at least 8") and 15" in length, excluding fringe. It may be woven larger.
    • Selvages must be visible on each article.
    • Use four different edge finishes. One article must be finished with hem stitching.
  1. Color and Design Exercises
    • Using yarn, present a twelve-hue color wheel of your own making.
    • Make three different color wrappings by winding yarn on heavy cardboard. Illustrate the following in your wrappings:
      • use of proportion in a black and white sequence
      • use of proportion in an analogous color sequence
      • use of textures in a color composition
  1. Technical Requirements
    • For any one of your finished articles estimate the amount of yarn needed. Submit your calculations for this and include sample of the yarn.
    • Make a drawdown, by hand, of each of the following:
      • Broken Twill (warp drawdown)
      • Overshot (do not include tabby, weft drawdown)
      Show at least 1 1/2 repeats of the pattern. State whether it is a warp or weft drawdown.
    • Submit a notebook containing information about each article. See General Information.

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