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1153 Shelp, Wanda Complex Weaver's Compilation 4 Book
1144 Ashenden, Becky Dress Your Loom the Vavstuga Way book
1140 Hooper, Luther Handloom Weaving Book
1162 Lee, Aimee Hanji Unfurled Book
1146 Dalgaard, Lotte Magical Materials to Weave Book
1141 Austin, Robert A Manuel of Fingerweaving Book
1142 Cypher, Carol Huber Mastering Beadwork Book
1148 Mitchell, Peter Overshot Bok
1160 Phipps, Elena The Peruvian Four-Selvaged Cloth Ancient Threads/New Directions Book
1157 Stump, Margaret Pin Loom Weaving Book
1158 Walker, Barbara Ply-Splitting from Drawdowns Book
1155 Eckhardt, Barbara Poetic Space Book
1147 kubik, Linda Sew Something Special book
1150 Gipson, Liz Slots and Holes DVD
1138 Lamb, Sara Spin To Weave Book
1154 Brahic, Marylene The Techniques and Art of Weaving A Basic Guide Book
1159 Kemp, Beth Twist, Turn, & Tie 50 Japanese Kumihimo Braids Book
1149 Osterkamp, Peggy Warping the Loom Back to Front DVD
1151 Knisely, Tom Weave a Good Rug DVD
1167 Fox, Rebecca The Weaver's Weevil Book
1161 Knisely, Tom Weaving Rag Rugs Book
1152 Neilson, Rosalie Weaving Rep DVD
1143 Richards, Ann Weaving Textiles Book
1156 Stubenitsky, Marian Weaving With Echo and Iris Book
1163 Knisely, Tom Weaving With Novelty Yarns DVD
1145 Patrick, Jane Woven Scarves Book
1139 Murphy, Marilyn Woven To Wear Book
148 Powell, Marian 1000 Patterns BOOK
780 Thompson, Marjie 18th and 19th Century High Fashion for the Middle Class Book
747 Carey, Jacqui 200 Braids To Twist, Knot,Loop,Or Weave BOOK
341 Groff, Russell E. 200 Patterns For Multiple Harness Looms-5-12 Harness Patterns For Handweavers BOOK
781 Tams, Jeanne 33 Contemporary Swedish Weaving Patterns for Monk's Cloth Book
220 Svensson, Leena 43 Vavar Av En Enda Varp BOOK
330 Svensson, Leena 44 Vavar Av En Cottolin Varp BOOK
1064 Nehring, Nancy 50 Heirloom Buttons To Make BOOK
598 Powell, M 8 Harness Shadow Weave SAMPLES
399 Wertenberger, Kathryn 8, 12...20 An Introduction To Multishaft Weaving BOOK
835 Mitchell, Peter A B C Draft:A Manual For Drafting And Weaving BOOK
783 Kissell, Mary Aboriginal American Weaving Book
753 True Tie Dye, Advanced Tie Dye Techniques DISC
471 Spring, Christopher African Textiles BOOK
1024 Ulrich, Laurel Thatcher THE Age Of Homespun BOOK
1025 Amos, Alden THE Alden Amos Big Book Of Handspinning BOOK
766 Wittenberg, Barbara Alternatives to a Fig Leaf Book
999 Safford, Carleton L. America'S Quilts And Coverlets BOOK
1040 Anderson, Clarita American Coverlets And Their Weavers BOOK
441 Pennington, D. American Spinning Wheels BOOK
956 Gordon, Judith American Star Work Coverlets BOOK
869 Convergence '90, American Tapestry Today BOOK
385 Strickler, Carol American Woven Coverlets BOOK
729 Weigle, Palmy Ancient Dyes Book
416 Anton, Ferdinand Ancient Peruvian Textiles BOOK
1007 Weber, Nicholas Fox Anni Albers BOOK
1058 Troy, Virginia Gardner Anni Albers And Ancient American Textiles BOOK
382 McCarthy, Bridget Beattie Architectural Crafts BOOK
237 Constantine, Mildred THE Art Fabric: Mainstream BOOK
122 Cahlander, Adele THE Art Of Bolivian Highland Weaving BOOK
289 Itten, Johannes THE Art Of Color BOOK
461 Mead, Sidney M. THE Art Of Taaniko Weaving BOOK
896 Dickens, Susan THE Art Of Tassel Making BOOK
466 Hecht, Ann THE Art Of The Loom BOOK
457 Schorsch, Anita THE Art Of The Weaver BOOK
43 Regensteiner, Else THE Art Of Weaving BOOK
121 Regensteiner, Else THE Art Of Weaving BOOK
790 Krogh, Elsa Ashford Book of Projects for the Eight Shaft Loom Book
391 Field, Anne Ashford Book Of Spinning BOOK
811 FIELD, ANNE THE Ashford Book Of Spinning BOOK
789 Field, Anne The Ashford Book of Weaving for the Four Shaft Loom Book
756 Taber, Barbara Backstrap Weaving Book
161 Tacker, Harold and Sylvia Band Weaving BOOK
392 Pulleyn, Rob, ed. Basketmaker'S Art: Contemporary Baskets And Their Makers BOOK
859 McGuire, John Basketry: The Shaker Tradition BOOK
1113 Rossbach, Ed Baskets As Textile Art Book
1014 Sudduth, Billie Ruth Baskets: A Book For Makers And Collectors BOOK
864 Bateman, William Bateman Blend Weaves BOOK
832 Fitzgerald, Diane Beads And Threads BOOK
1035 Weaver's Magazine, THE Best Of Weaver'S--Thick 'N Thin BOOK
1036 Weaver's Magazine, The Best Of Weaver's-Huck Lace BOOK
776 van der Hoogt, Madelyn The Best of Weaver's-Summer and Winter Plus Book
1059 van der Hoogt, Madelyn, ed THE Best of Weaver's: Fabrics that Go Bump BOOK
722 van der Hoogt, Madelyn, ed Best Of Weavers: Overshot Book
492 Karjala, Beth A Bevy Of Embellishments BOOK
123 Constantine, Mary Beyond Craft: The Art Fabric BOOK
735 Hedlund, Ann Beyond The Loom Book
775 Lundell, Laila The Big Book Of Weaving Book
1137 van de Hoogt, Madelyn Block Weaves DVD
497 Diamond, Anna A Book Of Baubles BOOK
468 Hall, Eliza Calvert A Book Of Handwoven Coverlets BOOK
910 Broudy, Eric THE Book Of Looms BOOK
870 Cummer, Joan Whittaker A Book Of Spinning Wheels BOOK
437 Harvey, Nancy Boulevard, Chevron And Combination Weaves BOOK
256 Barrett, Clotilde Boundweave BOOK
688 Hoskins, Nancy Arthur Boundweaving-Level I, Part I VIDEO
689 Hoskins, Nancy Arthur Boundweaving-Level I, Part Ii VIDEO
945 Owen, Rodrick Braids BOOK
381 Mathieson, David Building The Oregon Loom BOOK
2 Atwater, Mary Meigs Byways In Hand-Weaving BOOK
119 Atwater, Mary Meigs Byways In Handweaving BOOK
20 Crockett, Candace Card Weaving BOOK
227 Katz, Ruth J. Card Weaving BOOK
645 Crockett, Candace Card Weaving VIDEO
904 Groff, Russell Card Weaving Or Tablet Weaving BOOK
292 Pauli, Karen Care And Feeding Of Spinning Wheels BOOK
878 Meehan, Aidan Celtic Design: Knotwork, The Secret Method Of The Scribes BOOK
1003 McKay, Mary Terence THE Centinela Weavers Of Chimayo: Unfolding Tradition BOOK
868 Chen, Lydia Chinese Knotting BOOK
727 MacKay, James Clans & Tartans of Scotland & Ireland Book
470 Bain, Robert THE Clans And Tartans Of Scotland BOOK
451 Weiner, Annette Cloth And Human Experience BOOK
307 Mayer, Anita Luvera Clothing From The Hands That Weave BOOK
313 Mayer, Anita Luvera Clothing From The Hands That Weave BOOK
828 Mayer, Anita Luvera Clothing From The Hands That Weave BOOK
1121 Price, Sharon Clothing Patterns with Minimum Sewing and Cutting Book
724 Field, Anne Collapse Weave: Creating 3-D Art Book
941 Zelanski, Paul Color BOOK
848 Tidball, Harriet Color And Dyeing BOOK
363 Lambert, Patricia Color And Fiber BOOK
793 Selby, Margo Color and Texture in Weaving Book
235 Windeknecht, Margaret B. and Thomas Color And Weave BOOK
324 Sutton, Ann Color And Weave Design BOOK
1089 Johnston, Ann Color By Accident BOOK
1088 Johnston, Ann Color By Design BOOK
107 Weigle, Palmy Color Exeercises For The Handweaver BOOK
63 Chown, M. Joyce Color Guide For Handweavers BOOK
968 Menz, Deb Color In Spinning BOOK
664 Sullivan, Donna Color Interaction For Handweavers VIDEO
448 Wipplinger, Michele, ed. Color Trends BOOK
770 Wipplinger, Michele C Color Trends Book
894 Windeknecht, Margaret B. Color-And-Weave Ii BOOK
1026 Delamar, Francois Colors: The Story Of Dyes And Pigments BOOK
1091 Menz, Deb Colorworks BOOK
961 van der Hoogt, Madelyn THE Complete Book Of Drafting For Handweavers BOOK
1015 van der Hoogt, Madelyn THE Complete Book Of Drafting For Handweavers BOOK
860 Crockett, Candace THE Complete Spinning Book BOOK
1020 Dunnewold, Jane Complex Cloth: A Comprehensive Guide to Surface Design BOOK
1000 Shelp, Wanda Complex Weaver'S Newsletters 5/90-9/97 BOOK
1001 Best, ed., Eleanor Complex Weaver'S Newsletters, 1979-1989 BOOK
1061 Eatough, Judie Complex Weavers Greatest Hits BOOK
970 Tada, Makiko Comprehensive Treatise Of Braids 1: Maru-Dai Braids BOOK
905 Tidball, Harriet Contemporary Tapestry BOOK
974 Talley, Charles S. Contemporary Textile Art Scandinavia BOOK
716 Marx, Ellen The Contrast Of Colors Book
683 Voiers, Leslie Conversations And Notes On Log Cabin SEMINARS
916 Aspin, Chris THE Cotton Industry BOOK
925 Walker, Sandra Rambo Country Cloth To Coverlets BOOK
1087 Bress, Helene THE Coverlet Book BOOK
164 Snyder, Mary Crackle Weave BOOK
1136 Brusic, Lucy A Crackle Weave Companion Book
962 Wood, Mary THE Craft Of Temari BOOK
277 Casselman, Karen Leigh Craft Of The Dyer:Colour From Plants And Lichens Of The Northeast BOOK
265 Sutton, Ann THE Craft Of The Weaver BOOK
994 Smith, Paul J. Craft Today: Poetry Of The Physical BOOK
372 Marein, Shirley Creating Rugs And Wall Hangings BOOK
321 Specht, Sally Creating With Card Weaving BOOK
147 Blumenau, Lili Creative Design In Wall Hangings BOOK
950 Carey, Jacqui Creative Kumihimo BOOK
347 Windeknecht, Margaret B. Creative Monk'S Belt BOOK
146 Windeknecht, Margaret B. Creative Overshot BOOK
987 Palmer, Paati Creative Serging BOOK
1065 Scrivano, Sandy Creative Surface Design BOOK
723 Howard, Sarah Creative Weaving Book
855 Atwater, Mary Meigs Crime In Corn Weather BOOK
1135 Marshall, Kelly Custom Woven Interiors Book
845 West, Virginia A Cut Above:Couture Clothing For Fibre Artists BOOK
317 Johansson, Lillemore Damask And Opphamta BOOK
412 Stalberg, Ulla Decorative Art Weaving BOOK
133 Itten, Johannes Design And Form BOOK
176 Atwater, Mary Meigs Design And The Handweaver BOOK
405 West, Virginia Designer Diagonals BOOK
940 Stockton, James Designer'S Guide To Color BOOK
28 Frey, Berta Designing And Drafting For Handweavers BOOK
169 Frey, Berta Designing And Drafting For Handweavers BOOK
361 Tod, Osma Gallinger Designing And Making Handwoven Rugs BOOK
240 Kurtz, Carol Designing For Weaving BOOK
1078 Newton, Deborah Designing Knitwear BOOK
284 Kirby, Mary Designing On The Loom BOOK
875 Keasbey, Doramay Designing With Blocks For Handweavers BOOK
408 Bennett, Noel Designing With The Wool BOOK
1127 Phillips, Janet Designing Woven Fabrics Book
116 Angstadt, Jacob Designs Drawn From His Weavers Patron Book BOOK
977 Best, Eleanor Dictionary Of Weaves (4-8 Harnesses) BOOK
173 Cherepov, Klara Diversified Plain Weave BOOK
339 Barrett, Clotilde Double Two-Tie Unit Weaves BOOK
71 Tidball, Harriet THE Double Weave BOOK
150 Weigle, Palmy Double Weave BOOK
177 Tidball, Harriet THE Double Weave BOOK
830 Cahlander, Adele Double Woven Treasures From Old Peru BOOK
969 Hendrickson, Linda Double-Faced Tablet Weaving: 50 Designs From Around The World BOOK
771 Moore, Jennifer Doubleweave Book
1023 Arn-Grischott, Ursina Doubleweave On Four To Eight Shafts BOOK
1117 Brostoff, Laya Doubleweave: Theory And Practice Book
407 Skowronski, Hella Doup Leno BOOK
682 Convergence 96, Dressed In Time (Fashion Show) VIDEO
687 La Lena, Constance Dressing The Loom VIDEO
338 Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Dye Plants And Dyeing BOOK
798 Menz, Deb Dyeing in the Kitchen DVD
186 Larsen, Jack Lenor THE Dyer'S Art: Ikat, Batik, Plangi BOOK
952 Buchanan, Rita A Dyer'S Garden BOOK
1118 Lynne, Richards Dyes from American Native Plants Book
118 Richards, Lynne Dyes From American Native Plants Book
387 Bronson, J and R Early American Weaving And Dyeing BOOK
394 Tod, Osma Gallinger Earth Basketry BOOK
1030 Spies, Nancy Ecclesiastical Pomp And Aristocratic Circumstance BOOK
469 Shelp, Wanda Jean Eight Shafts- A Place To Begin BOOK
804 THORPE, A.Z. Elements Of Weaving BOOK
1083 Wilson, Sadye Tune Else Regensteiner: Biography Of A Weaver BOOK
182 Drooker, Penelope Embroidering With The Loom BOOK
698 Jones, Jeanetta Embroidery Weave Workshop MONOGRAPH
422 Ross, Mabel Encyclopedia Of Handspinning BOOK
929 Jerde, Judith Encyclopedia Of Textiles BOOK
902 Ross, Mabel THE Essentials Of Handspinning BOOK
421 Ross, Mabel THE Essentials Of Yarn Design For Handspinners BOOK
1012 Inouye, Bonnie Exploring Multi-Shaft Design BOOK
842 Sahashi, Kei Exquisite:The World Of Japanese Kumihomo Braiding BOOK
438 Harvey, Virginia I. Extended Divided Twill Weaves BOOK
865 Bateman, William Extended Manifold Twill Weaves BOOK
1028 Kendall, Tracy THE Fabric And Yarn Dyer'S Handbook BOOK
738 Wick, Kristal Fabulous Fabric Beads Book
931 Sutton, Ann, ed. Falcot'S Weave Compendium BOOK
1076 Thompson, Judy Fascinating Challenges: Studying Material Culture With Dorothy Burnham BOOK
315 Beard, Betty Fashions From The Loom BOOK
1104 Ignell, Tina Favorite Rag Rugs BOOK
774 Ignall, Tina Favorite Scandinavian Projects To Weave Book
1070 Galeskas, Beverly Felted Knits BOOK
259 Gordon, Beverly Feltmaking: Traditions, Techniques and Contemporary Explorations BOOK
204 Emery, Irene Fiber Structures BOOK
1079 Aimone, Katherine Duncan THE Fiberarts Book Of Wearable Art BOOK
993 Fiberarts Editors, The Fiberarts Design Book BOOK
1082 Kieffer, Susan Mowery` Fiberarts Design Book 7 BOOK
928 Batchelder, ed., Ann Fiberarts Design Book Five BOOK
390 Hutchins, Jeane, ed. Fiberarts Design Book Ii BOOK
1006 Orban, ed., Nancy Fiberarts Design Book Six BOOK
877 Mathews, Kate Fiberarts Design Book Three BOOK
919 Gordon, Beverly THE Final Steps BOOK
1093 Conlon, Jane Fine Embellishment Techniques BOOK
248 Turner, Alta Finger Weaving: Indian Braiding BOOK
323 Baizerman, Suzanne Finishes In The Ethnic Tradition BOOK
810 Baizerman, SUZANNE Finishes In The Ethnic Tradition BOOK
52 West, Virginia Finishing Touches For The Handweaver BOOK
1165 Lockwood, Yvonne Finnish American Rag Rugs Book
174 Atwater, Mary Meigs THE Finnweave And Mexican Double Weave BOOK
212 Justin, Valerie Flat-Woven Rugs Of The World BOOK
462 Kerimov, Lyatif Folk Designs From The Caucasus BOOK
309 Worst, Edward Foot-Power Loom Weaving BOOK
1097 Grant, Kathleen Forgotten Pennsylvania Textiles Of The 18th And 19Th Centuries BOOK
221 Lundell, Laila Forums Store Vaevebog BOOK
165 Frey, Berta Four Harness Weaving BOOK
189 Bowen, Kernochan Four-Harness Weaving BOOK
198 Redman, Jane Frame-Loom Weaving BOOK
778 Area 3 Friendship Project Using Drafts From Silas Barton's Book of Drafts Book
1133 O'Leary, Catherine From Felt To Fabric Book
475 Lang, Elizabeth From Weaving To Knitting BOOK
728 Brandon, Marilyn From Wool To Navajo Rug Book
61 Blum, Grace Functional Overshot SAMPLES
710 Hutchinson, Jean Garment Finishing Techniques BOOK
777 Valk, Gene Elizabeth The Gartner Manuscript Book
383 Regensteiner, Else Geometric Design In Weaving BOOK
825 Winston, Stephanie Getting Organized BOOK
415 Fassett, Kaffe Glorious Color BOOK
340 Fassett, Kaffe Glorious Knits BOOK
362 Fassett, Kaffe Glorious Knits BOOK
1043 Basquin, Susan Goat Song: My Angora Goat Farm BOOK
1051 Hendrickson, Linda Great Scot! A Beginner's Guide to Ply-Split Braids in Single Course Oblique Twining Twining) BOOK
939 Verket, Pierre Great Tapestries BOOK
356 Atwater, Mary Meigs Guatemala Visited (Monograph 15) BOOK
772 Chandler, Deborah Guatemalan Woven Wealth - Preserving a Rich Textile Tradition Book
238 Harvey, Nancy THE Guide To Successful Tapestry Weaving BOOK
1112 Fraso, David A Guide To Weft Twinning Book
134 Straub, Marrianne Hand Weaving And Cloth Design BOOK
474 Teal, Peter Hand Woolcombing And Spinning BOOK
989 Threads, Hand-Knitting Techniques From Threads BOOK
41 Oelsner, G. H. Handbook Of Weaves BOOK
86 Oelsner, G. H. Handbook Of Weaves BOOK
199 Tidball, Harriet THE Handloom Weaves BOOK
981 Tidball, Harriet THE Handloom Weaves BOOK
196 Fannin, Allen A. Handloom Weaving Technology BOOK
944 Fannin, Allen A. Handloom Weaving Technology BOOK
397 Blumenthal, Betsy Hands On Dyeing BOOK
871 Davenport, Betty Linn Hands On Rigid Heddle Weaving BOOK
909 Raven, Lee Hands On Spinning BOOK
876 Liebler, Barbara Hands On Weaving BOOK
1033 Buchanan, Rita A Handspindle Treasury BOOK
882 Ross, Mabel Handspinner'S Workbook: Fancy Yarns BOOK
101 Leadbeater, Eliza Handspinning BOOK
663 Ross, Mabel Handspinning: Advance Techniques VIDEO
886 Tidball, Harriet Handweaver'S Instruction Manual BOOK
861 Alderman, Sharon Handweaver'S Notebook: Swatch Collections From Handwoven Magazine BOOK
22 Davison, Marguerite Porter A Handweaver's Pattern Book BOOK
23 Davison, Marguerite Porter A Handweaver's Pattern Book BOOK
24 Davison, Marguerite Porter A Handweaver's Pattern Book BOOK
156 Davison, Marguerite Porter A Handweaver's Pattern Book BOOK
1110 Dixon, Anne The Handweaver'S Pattern Directory Book
197 Davison, Marguerite Porter A Handweaver'S Source Book BOOK
429 Pyysalo, Helvi Handweaving Patterns From Finland BOOK
666 Webster, Sandra Betzina Handwoven And Quilted Garments VIDEO
403 Mayer, Anita Luvera Handwoven Clothing Felted To Wear BOOK
662 van der Hoogt, Madelyn Handwoven Fabric: Structure And Pattern VIDEO
477 Muller, Donna Handwoven Laces BOOK
175 Atwater, Mary Meigs Handwoven Rugs BOOK
1008 Interweave Press, Handwoven Scraves BOOK
77 Tidball, Harriet Handwoven Specialties BOOK
102 Bogdanoff, Nancy Handwoven Textiles Of Early New England BOOK
872 Patrick, Jane, ed. A Handwoven Treasury BOOK
648 Handwoven, Handwoven'S Design Collections #'S1-20 Pback
246 Alderman, Sharon Handwoven, Tailormade BOOK
298 Alderman, Sharon Handwoven, Tailormade BOOK
1004 Boman, Monica Helena Hernmarck:Tapestry Artist BOOK
486 Handweavers Guild of America, Helps And Hints BOOK
1063 Rowe, Ann Pollard Hidden Treasures Of Peru: Q'Ero Textiles BOOK
115 Angstadt, Jacob His Weavers Patron Book BOOK
1102 Piroch, Sigrid Historic Coverlets, American Textile Traditions And Their Makers WORKSHOP
209 Wilson, Kax A History Of Textiles BOOK
410 Ligon, Linda Homespun, Handknit BOOK
491 Gerhards, Paul How To Sell What You Make BOOK
87 Worst, Edward How To Weave Linens BOOK
310 Atwater, Mary Meigs How To Weave On The Inkle Loom BOOK
1122 Cypher, Carol Huber How We Felt: Designs and Techniques from Contemporary Felt Artists Book
695 Ciaranello, Rita Huck Pattern Collection MONOGRAPH
850 Neel, Jean I'D Rathy Dye Laughing Book
428 Sutton, Ann Ideas In Weaving BOOK
208 Van Gelder, Lydia Ikat BOOK
959 Van Gelder, Lydia Ikat Ii BOOK
1016 Battenfield, Jackie Ikat Technique BOOK
700 Ritch, Diane Ikat: An Introduction MONOGRAPH
918 Rogers, Nora In Celebration Of The Curious Mind BOOK
800 Buchanan, Rita In Praise of Simple Cloth DVD
943 Fournier, Nola In Sheep'S Clothing BOOK
440 Newman, Sandra Indian Basket Weaving BOOK
984 Navajo School of Indian Basketry, Indian Basket Weaving BOOK
795 McKinley, Catherine Indigo book
725 Balfour-Paul, Jenny Indigo Book
958 Sandberg, Gosta Indigo Textiles BOOK
933 Miller, Dorothy Indigo: From Seed To Dye BOOK
464 Hitchcock, Michael Indonesian Textile Techniques BOOK
40 Neher, Evelyn Inkle BOOK
995 Holland, Nina Inkle Loom Weaving BOOK
1125 Dixon, Anne Inkle Pattern Directory Bok
11 Bress, Helene Inkle Weaving BOOK
1128 Weaver's Guild of Boston Interlaced book
367 Larsen, Jack Lenor Interlacing BOOK
380 Kyoto, International Textile Competition BOOK
1057 McEneely, Naomi Interweave'S Compendium Of Finishing Techniques BOOK
1054 Samuel, Evelyn Introducing Batik BOOK
1055 Proud, Nora Introducing Textile Printing BOOK
1134 Patrice, Gail It's All About Embellishment Book
1005 Larsen, Jack Lenor Jack Lenor Larsen: A Weaver'S Memoir BOOK
1086 Larsen, Jack Lenor Jack Lenor Larsen: Creator And Collector BOOK
499 Angstadt, Jacob Jacob Angstadt--His Diaber Book BOOK
327 Tomita, Jun and Norito Japanese Ikat Weaving BOOK
897 Evans, Jane A. A Joy Forever: Latvian Weaving BOOK
113 Tod, Osma Gallinger THE Joy Of Handweaving BOOK
139 Kluger, Marilyn Joy Of Spinning BOOK
1075 Fassett, Kaffe Kaffe Fassett'S Pattern Library BOOK
222 Karisto, Kankurin Mallikirja BOOK
14 Burnham, Dorothy Keep Me Warm One Night BOOK
262 Black, Mary THE Key To Weaving BOOK
1022 Epstein, Nicky Knitted Embellishments BOOK
1066 Wiseman, Nancie M. THE Knitter'S Book Of Finishing Techniques BOOK
948 Falick, Melanie Knitting In America BOOK
764 Barron, Birgit Knitting on the Loom Book
973 Lydon, Susan Gordon THE Knitting Sutra BOOK
675 Zimmerman, Elizabeth Knitting Workshop VIDEO
963 Martin, Catherine Kumihimo BOOK
833 Kliot, Jules Kumihomo:Techniques Of Japanese Plaiting BOOK
111 Snyder, Mary Lace And Lacey Weaves BOOK
697 Voiers, Leslie Lace Weaves Portfolio MONOGRAPH
699 Laid-In Weaves MONOGRAPH
406 Baizerman, Suzanne Latin American Brocades BOOK
1115 Baizerman, Suzanne Latin American Brocades Book
702 Baizerman, Suzanne Latin American Brocades: Explorations In Suppementary Weft Techniques MONOGRAPH
862 Apinis-Herman, Anita Latvian Weaving Techniques BOOK
1105 Vera, Betty Layered Color BOOK
900 Chandler, Deborah Learning To Warp BOOK
332 Redding, Debbie Learning To Weave With Debbie Redding BOOK
427 Redding, Debbie Learning To Weave With Debbie Redding BOOK
867 Chandler, Deborah Learning To Weave--Revised Edition BOOK
346 Wetherbee, Martha Legend Of Bushwacker.. Book
582 Snyder, Mary Light Weight Clothing SAMPLES
30 Gallagher, Constance D. N. Linen Heirlooms BOOK
377 Gallagher, Constance D. N. Linen Heirlooms BOOK
489 Baines, Patricia Linen: Handspinning And Weaving BOOK
194 Reed, Tim Loom Book BOOK
837 O'Connor, Paul Loom Controlled Double Weave BOOK
799 Knisely, Tom The Loom Owner's Companion DVD
834 LaPlantz, Shereen Madweave BOOK
1107 Fry, Laura Magic In The Water BOOK
1101 van der Hoogt, Madelyn THE Magic Of Double Weave BOOK
1092 Piroch, Sigrid THE Magic Of Handweaving BOOK
874 Heinrich, Linda THE Magic Of Linen: Flax Seed To Woven Cloth BOOK
1038 Parks, Carol Make Your Own Great Vests BOOK
960 Marshall, John Make Your Own Japanese Clothes BOOK
369 Collingwood, Peter THE Maker'S Hand BOOK
476 Collingwood, Peter THE Maker's Hand: A Close Look at Textile Structures BOOK
1081 Owen, Rodrick Making Kumihimo: Japanese Interlaced Braids BOOK
1018 Heyden, Silvia THE Making Of Modern Tapestry:My Voyage to Discovery BOOK
21 Cyrus-Zetterstrom, Ulla Manual Of Swedish Handweaving BOOK
120 Cyrus-Zetterstrom, Ulla Manual Of Swedish Handweaving BOOK
291 Cyrus-Zetterstrom, Ulla Manual Of Swedish Handweaving BOOK
443 Pendergrast, Mick Maori Plaiting Patterns BOOK
1124 Cypher, Carol Mastering Beadwork book
1094 Alderman, Sharon Mastering Weave Structures BOOK
1017 Swanson, Meg Meg Swanson's Knitting BOOK
1062 Wada, Yoshiko Iwamoto Memory On Cloth: Shiibori Now BOOK
72 Tidball, Harriet Merry Christmas Handweavers BOOK
359 Tidball, Harriet Merry Christmas Handweavers BOOK
978 Tidball, Harriet Mexican Motifs BOOK
748 Ulrich, Laurel Thatcher A Midwife'S Tale BOOK
996 Textile Workshops, Inc, Miniature Fiber Arts BOOK
759 Searle, Karen Moorman Inlay Techique for Rigid Heddle Frame Looms Book
603 Gallagher, Constance D. N. More Linen Heirlooms BOOK
967 O'Connor, Paul R. More Loom-Controlled Double Weave BOOK
893 Winslow, Heather Lyn More On Moorman: Theo Moorman Inlay Adapted To Clothing BOOK
343 Laughlin, Mary Elizabeth More Than Four BOOK
1060 Fassett, Kaffe Mosaics BOOK
400 Bearfoot, Will Mother Nature'S Dyes And Fibers BOOK
924 Abel, Isabel I. Multiple Harness Patterns From The Early 1700'S BOOK
231 Harvey, Virginia I. Multiple Tabby Weaves BOOK
1002 Barber, Elizabeth Wayland THE Mummies Of Urumchi BOOK
1123 Rice, Miriam Mushrooms For Color Book
1130 Fereday, Gwen Natural Dyes Book
250 Adrosko, Rita Natural Dyes And Home Dyeing BOOK
820 Adrosko, Rita Natural Dyes And Home Dyeing BOOK
806 Adrosko, RITA Natural Dyes In The United States BOOK
130 Grae, Ida Nature's Colors: Dyes From Plants BOOK
370 Amsden, Charles Avery Navaho Weaving BOOK
749 Pendleton, Mary Navajo And Hopi Weaving Techniques BOOK
453 Mattera, Joanne Navajo Techniques For Today'S Weaver BOOK
851 Mera, H.P. Navajo Textile Arts BOOK
713 Kaufman, Alice Navajo Weaving Tradition Book
1031 Bennett, Noel Navajo Weaving Way BOOK
734 Reichard, Gladys Navajo: Weaver And Shepherd Book
145 Norfors, Jill Needle Lace And Needleweaving BOOK
1044 Clark, Jill Nordfors Needle Lace: Techniques And Inspiration BOOK
884 Schlein, Alice Network Drafting: An Introduction BOOK
836 Moss, Kathlyn THE New Beadwork BOOK
841 Roche, Nan THE New Clay BOOK
157 Black, Mary New Key To Weaving BOOK
1068 Rivard, Paul E. A New Order Of Things BOOK
964 Moes, Dini No Common Thread BOOK
901 Bliss, Anne North American Dye Plants BOOK
276 Wilson, Sadye Of Coverlets-The Legacies, The Weavers BOOK
740 Naumann, Rose The Off Loom Weaving Book Book
117 Russell, Elfleda Off-Loom Weaving BOOK
715 Albers, Anni On Designing Book
1 Albers, Anni On Weaving BOOK
494 Gray, Herbi On-Loom Card Weaving BOOK
64 Estes, Josephine Original Miniature Patterns For Handweaving-Pt. I BOOK
65 Estes, Josephine Original Miniature Patterns For Handweaving-Pt. Ii BOOK
760 Ridgeway, Teresa Out of the Crazies:Memoirs Book
318 Saltzman, Ellen Overshot Weaving BOOK
442 Lang, E. Parallel Shadow Weave BOOK
866 Bateman, William Park Weaves BOOK
444 Becker, John Pattern And Loom BOOK
452 Becker, John Pattern And Loom BOOK
1099 de Ruiter, Erica Pattern Book For Designs In Tejido Huave Structure BOOK
242 Keasbey, Doramay Pattern Devices For Handweavers BOOK
1114 Landes, John Patterns For Handweaving Book
342 Harvey, Nancy Patterns For Tapestry Weaving: Projects And Techniques BOOK
983 Best, Eleanor Patterns For Weaving From 17-24 Harnesses BOOK
838 Ostercamp, Peggy Peggy Ostercamp'S New Guide To Weaving:How To Wind A Warp And Use A Paddle BOOK
979 Tidball, Harriet Peru: Textiles Unlimited BOOK
360 Tidball, Harriet Peru: Textiles Unlimited, Pt. 2 BOOK
335 Tidball, Harriet Peter Collingwood: His Weaves And Weaving BOOK
718 Collingwood, Peter Peter Collingwood: Weaver DVD
755 Wilson, Jean The Pile Weaves Book
743 Stachowicz, Kathy Pin Weaving Book
891 Windeknecht, Margaret B. Pinwheel: An Exploration Of Color And Weave Design BOOK
436 Sullivan, Donna Pique: Plain And Patterned BOOK
696 Voiers, Leslie Plain Weave Is Anything But Plain MONOGRAPH
888 Voolreh, Erica Playing With Blocks Book
937 Keele, Wendy Poems Of Color: Knitting In The Bohus Tradition BOOK
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863 Barber, Elizabeth Wayland Prehistoric Textiles: The Development of Cloth in the Neolithic and Bronze Ages BOOK
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26 Emery, Irene The Primary Structures of Fabrics: An Illustrated Classification BOOK
701 Boston Weavers Guild, Processing And Finishing Handwoven Textiles MONOGRAPH
671 Thompson, Marjorie Profile Drafts DRAFTS
742 Switzer, Chris Projects For Alpaca Book
754 McNeill, Moyra Pulled Thread Book
913 Kroll, Carol Putting On The Dog BOOK
433 Meany, Janet Rag Rug Handbook BOOK
971 Erickson, Johanna Rag Weaving Gimmicks And Tricks BOOK
726 Bessette, Arleen Rainbow Beneath My Feet Book
1032 Samuel, Cheryl THE Raven'S Tail BOOK
946 Sandberg, Gosta THE Red Dyes BOOK
1034 Meek, Kati Reeder Reflections From A Flaxen Past BOOK
395 Carlstedt, Catherine Rep BOOK
1090 Tallarovic, Joanne Rep Weave And Beyond BOOK
232 Swanson, Karen Rigid Heddle Weaving BOOK
463 Hayao, Ishimura Robes Of Elegance BOOK
434 Windeknecht, Margaret B. THE Rosepath Motif BOOK
376 Allard, Mary Rug Making: Techniques And Design BOOK
1131 Ligon, Linda A Rug Weaver's Source Book Book
957 Ligon, Linda A Rug Weaver'S Source Book BOOK
357 Gallinger, Osma Rug Weaving For Everyone BOOK
450 Collingwood, Peter Rug Weaving Techniques: Beyond The Basics BOOK
779 Collingwood, Jason Rug Weaving: Block Weave and Shaft Switching DVD
183 Mattera, Joanne Rugweaving BOOK
239 Mattera, Joanne Rugweaving BOOK
707 Collingwood, Jason Rugweaving: Block Weaves And Shaft Switching VIDEO
1039 Hersh, Tandy Rural Pennsylvania German Weaving 1833-1857 Book
769 Gustafson, Paula Salish Weaving Book
302 Drooker, Penelope Samples You Can Use BOOK
829 Drooker, Penelope Samples You Can Use BOOK
930 Johnston, Ruth Sashes Straps And Bands BOOK
992 British Craft Centre, Second International Exhibition Of Miniature Textiles 1976 BOOK
903 Groff, Russell Sectional Warping Made Easy BOOK
1027 Albers, Anni Selected Writings On Design BOOK
91 Black, Mary THE Sett And Weaving Of Tartans BOOK
487 Black, Mary THE Sett And Weaving Of Tartans BOOK
264 Stewart, Donald C. THE Setts Of Scottish Tartans BOOK
765 Frey, Berta Seven Projects in Rosepath Book
955 Curtis, Linda Sew Something Special BOOK
784 Graham, Anne Shadow Weave 101 Book
1096 Erf, Mary Elva Congleton Shaker Towels For The 21St Century BOOK
447 Keasbey, Doramay Sheer Delight-Handwoven Transparencies BOOK
739 Klein, Letty Shepherd Rug Book
1009 Wada, Yoshiko Iwamoto Shibori BOOK
709 Winslow, Heather Lyn Shimmering Silk Samples Workshop WORKSP
936 SAORI, Shita No Hon (Sewing Book) BOOK
3 Atwater, Mary Meigs THE Shuttlecraft Book Of American Hand-Weaving BOOK
4 Atwater, Mary Meigs THE Shuttlecraft Book Of American Hand-Weaving BOOK
5 Atwater, Mary Meigs THE Shuttlecraft Book Of American Hand-Weaving BOOK
616 Atwater, Mary Meigs Shuttlecraft Course In Hand Weaving SEMINARS
59 Atwater, Mary Meigs THE Shuttlecraft Guild Recipe Book BOOK
638 Atwater, Mary Meigs THE Shuttlecraft Guild Recipe Book BOOK
915 Bush, Sarah THE Silk Industry BOOK
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857 Dessureau, Barbara Simply Elegant: Linen And Lace Dinner Mats BOOK
745 Baltimore Weavers Guild, Sixty Scarves For 60 Years Book
1021 National Museum of American Art, Skilled Work BOOK
1052 Hansen, Birgitte Krag Skulpturel Filtning (With English Translation) BOOK
714 Cope, Louise Todd Sleeves Book
982 Cahlander, Adele Sling Braiding Of The Andes BOOK
721 Matthiessen, Barbara Small Looms And Freeform Weaving Book
938 Jensen, Elizabeth Small Looms In Action BOOK
25 Forlaget, Ica Small Webs BOOK
27 Forlaget, Ica Small Webs BOOK
768 Dockstader, Frederick The Song of the Loom Book
1067 Raven, Lee Spin It BOOK
1041 Irwin, Bobbie THE Spinner'S Companion BOOK
129 Simmons, Paula Spinning And Weaving With Wool Book
844 Varney, Diane Spinning Designer Yarns BOOK
912 Simmons, Paula Spinning For Softness And Speed BOOK
490 Amos, Alden Spinning Wheel Primer BOOK
1095 Baines, Patricia Spinning Wheels BOOK
823 Thresh, Christing Spinning With A Drop Spindle BOOK
980 Field, Anne Spinning Wool: Beyond The Basics BOOK
1129 Graham, Anne Splashes, Flashes, and Dashes Book
731 Schevill, Margot Splender In The Highlands DVD
676 Daugherty, Robin Taylor Splint Basketry-I Appalachian Egg Basket VIDEO
677 Daugherty, Robin Taylor Splint Basketry-Ii Spoked And Plaited Techniques VIDEO
1011 Daugherty, Robin Taylor Splint Woven Basketry BOOK
976 Harvey, Virginia I. Split-Ply Twining BOOK
180 Skowronski, Hella Sprang BOOK
498 Kliot, Jules Sprang--Language And Techniques BOOK
922 Paul, Frances Spruce Root Basketry Of The Alaska Tlingit BOOK
460 Snow, Marjory and William Step By Step Tablet Weaving BOOK
807 SVINICKI, EUNICE Step-By-Step Spinning And Dyeing BOOK
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1013 McCarty, Cara Structure And Surface: Contemporary Japanese Textiles BOOK
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241 Gervers, Veronika Studies In Textile History BOOK
478 Sullivan, Donna Summer And Winter BOOK
255 Barrett, Clotilde Summer And Winter And Beyond BOOK
201 Tidball, Harriet Summer and Winter and Other Two Tie Unit Weave BOOK
73 Tidball, Harriet Supplementary Warp Patterning BOOK
481 Tidball, Harriet Surface Interest: Textiles Of Today BOOK
329 West, Virginia Swatches Book BOOK
420 Rush, Helene Sweaters by Hand: Designs for Spinners and Knitters BOOK
923 Nylen, Anna-Maja Swedish Handcraft BOOK
268 Selander, Malin Swedish Handweaving BOOK
449 Selander, Malin Swedish Swatches BOOK
719 Selander, Malin Swedish Swatches Book
454 Nye, Thelma Swedish Weaving BOOK
639 Veren, Boris Swedish-English Weaving Glossary MISC
1120 Mullarkey, John The Tablet Weavers Pattern Book Book
1166 Mullarkey, John Tablet Weaving Made Easy DVD
1085 Staudigel, Otfried Tablet Weaving Magic BOOK
245 Tam, Tamari Balls BOOK
831 Cartwright-Jones, Catherine THE Tap Dancing Lizard BOOK
883 Russell, Carol K. THE Tapestry Handbook: An Illustrated Manual Of Traditional Techniques BOOK
1080 Glasbrook, Kirsten Tapestry Weaving BOOK
678 Harvey, Nancy Tapestry Weaving Level I VIDEO
679 Harvey, Nancy Tapestry Weaving Level Ii VIDEO
495 Harvey, Nancy Tapestry Weaving--A Comprehensive Study Guide BOOK
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18 Collingwood, Peter THE Techniques Of Rug Weaving BOOK
757 Collingwood, Peter The Techniques of Sprang Book
252 Collingwood, Peter THE Techniques Of Tablet Weaving BOOK
1019 Collingwood, Peter THE Technques Of Ply-Split Braiding BOOK
1098 de Ruiter, Erica Tejido Huave And Beyond: Easy Pick-Up Patterning on Two, Three or Four Shafts BOOK
953 Vandervoort, Diana Temari Traditions BOOK
942 Vandervoort, Diana Temari Treasures BOOK
1103 Wilson, Kathleen Curtis Textile Art From Southern Appalachia BOOK
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1053 Gale, Colin THE Textile Book BOOK
300 Birren, Faber THE Textile Colorist BOOK
432 Jerstop, Karin THE Textile Design Book BOOK
89 Tidball, Harriet Textile Structure And Analysis BOOK
951 Cyrus-Zetterstrom, Ulla Textile Terminology BOOK
254 Channing, Marion Textile Tools Of Colonial Homes BOOK
1108 Montgomery, Florence Textiles In America Book
465 D'Harcourt, Raoul Textiles Of Ancient Peru And Their Techniques BOOK
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1048 Sanders, Nadine Theme And Variations: More Weaving That Sings BOOK
899 Diaper, Hilary, ed. Theo Moorman 1907-1990-Her Life And Work As An Artist Weaver BOOK
991 British Craft Centre, Third International Exhibition Of Miniature Textiles 1978 BOOK
736 Ligon, Linda This Is How I Go When I Go Like This Book
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898 Nunneley, Faithe Shaw Thrums BOOK
1106 Patrick, Jane Time To Weave BOOK
473 Erf, Mary Elva Congleton Tiny Textiles BOOK
1045 Wade, Elizabeth Torchon Lacemaking BOOK
1109 Priest, Anne Trafficking In Sheep Book
263 Skjoldebrand, Ingerlise Treasure Chest Of Swedish Weaving BOOK
306 Skjoldebrand, Ingerlise Treasure Chest Of Swedish Weaving BOOK
786 Herdman, Barbara Tri Loom Weaving Book
732 Kaiser, Carol Triangle Frame Loom Book
932 Hendrickson, Linda Tubular Cardwoven Neckpieces SoftCover
911 Simmons, Paula Turning Wool Into A Cottage Industry BOOK
986 O'Connor, Paul R. A Twill Of Your Choice BOOK
93 Landis, Lucille Twills And Twill Derivatives BOOK
1037 Irwin, Bobbie Twined Rag Rugs BOOK
1073 Vogel, Lynne THE Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook BOOK
137 Tidball, Harriet Two Harness Textiles-Loom Controlled Weaves BOOK
136 Tidball, Harriet Two Harness Textiles-Open Work Weaves BOOK
975 Tidball, Harriet Two-Harness Textiles BOOK
752 True Tie Dye, Tye Dye 101 DISC
788 Hall, Joanne Tying up the Countermarch Loom Book
1049 Butler, Su Understanding Rayon Chenille BOOK
200 TIDBALL, HARRIET Undulating Weft Effects BOOK
746 White, Christine Uniquely Felt BOOK
326 Hoskins, Nancy Arthur Universal Stitches For Weaving, Embroidery, And Other Fiber Arts BOOK
337 Thurstan, Violetta THE Use Of Vegetable Dyes For Beginners BOOK
669 Frickinger, Johann Michael Useful Weaving Pattern Book DRAFTS
972 Burton, Dorothy S. Versatile Bronson BOOK
1047 Payne, Holly THE Virgin'S Knot BOOK
763 Berlant, Anthony Walk in Beauty - The Navajo and Their Blankets Book
906 Fox, Burdann Wall Clothing/Wag-Hraegel BOOK
879 Nash, Dominie Warp Painting: An Manual For Weavers BOOK
314 Landis, Lucille Warp With A Paddle And Beam Without Paper BOOK
751 Meek, Kati Reeder Warp With A Traprze,Dance With Your Loom Book
258 Beveridge, June Warp/Weft/Sett BOOK
856 Tate, Blair THE Warp: A Weaving Reference BOOK
141 Garrett, Cay Warping All By Yourself BOOK
401 Garrett, Cay Warping All By Yourself BOOK
1050 Sanders, Nadine Warping On A Shoestring BOOK
949 Ostercamp, Peggy Warping Your Loom And Tying On New Warps BOOK
365 Selander, Malin Weave A Weave BOOK
796 Wilson, Susan Weave Classic Crackle & More Book
1132 Wilson, Susan Weave Classic Crackle and More book
691 La Lena, Constance Weave Drafting- The Easy Way, Part I VIDEO
692 La Lena, Constance Weave Drafting- The Easy Way, Part Ii VIDEO
261 Meltzer, Marilyn Weave It! 28 Projects For Your Home BOOK
720 Anderson, Gordon Towner Weave Structures Used In North American Coverlets Book
479 Strickler, Carol, ed. A Weaver'S Book Of 8-Shaft Patterns BOOK
269 Phillips, Janet THE Weaver'S Book Of Fabric Design BOOK
858 Tidball, Harriet THE Weaver'S Book Of Scottish Tartans BOOK
49 Tidball, Harriet THE Weaver's Book-Fundamentals Of Handweaving BOOK
1029 Ligon, Linda THE Weaver's Companion BOOK
431 Vav Magasinet, Weaver'S Delight BOOK
368 Buchanan, Rita A Weaver'S Garden BOOK
819 Buchanan, Rita A Weaver'S Garden BOOK
773 Patrick, Jane The Weaver's Idea Book - Creative cloth on a rigid heddle loom Book
46 Regensteiner, Else Weaver's Study Course BOOK
140 Regensteiner, Else Weaver'S Study Course BOOK
48 Tidball, Harriet THE Weavers Book-Fundamentals Of Handweaving BOOK
1042 Alvic, Philis Weavers Of The Southern Highlands BOOK
589 Boston Weavers Guild, Weavers' Wisdom MISC
446 Best, Eleanor Weaves BOOK
160 Tovey, John Weaves And Pattern Drafting BOOK
1010 de Ruiter, Erica Weaves On 3Shafts BOOK
1126 Anderson, Clarita Weaving A Legacy Book
767 Reichard, Gladys Weaving a Navajo Blanket Book
809 Brostoff, Laya Weaving A Tapestry BOOK
424 Jarvis, Helen Weaving A Traditional Coverlet BOOK
425 Jarvis, Helen Weaving A Traditional Coverlet BOOK
761 Scardamalia, Paula Weaving A Woman's Life Book
782 Willink, Roseann Weaving A World - Textiles and the Navajo Way of Seeing Book
1100 Ostercamp, Peggy Weaving And Drafting Your Own Cloth BOOK
483 Justema, William Weaving And Needlecraft Color Course BOOK
132 Moorman, Theo Weaving As An Art Form BOOK
814 MOORMAN, THEO Weaving As An Art Form BOOK
348 Trotzig, Liv Weaving Bands BOOK
224 Bress, Helene THE Weaving Book BOOK
251 Bress, Helene THE Weaving Book BOOK
445 Bress, Helene THE Weaving Book BOOK
1116 Safner, Isadora Weaving Book Of Peace Book
947 Allen, Heather Weaving Contemporary Rag Rugs BOOK
730 Smayda, Norma Weaving Designs By Hayes Book
794 Osterkamp, Peggy Weaving for Beginners Book
954 Harter, Joyce Weaving For Worship BOOK
409 Strickler, Carol Weaving In Miniature BOOK
985 Strickler, Carol Weaving In Miniature BOOK
311 Gourlat, Catherine Weaving In Style BOOK
1111 Alvarez, Nilda Weaving In The Peruvian Highlands Book
907 Tidball, Harriet Weaving Inkle Bands BOOK
737 Gipson, Liz Weaving Made Easy Book
404 Rodee, Marian Weaving Of The Southwest BOOK
228 Meilach, Dona Z. Weaving Off Loom BOOK
459 de Rodriguez, Judy Weaving On A Bachstrap Loom BOOK
935 Sullivan, Donna Weaving Overshot Redesigning The Tradition BOOK
110 Selander, Malin Weaving Patterns BOOK
267 Selander, Malin Weaving Patterns BOOK
226 Holland, Nina THE Weaving Primer BOOK
1169 Knisely, Tom Weaving Rag Rugs Book
331 Safner, Isadora THE Weaving Roses Of Rhode Island BOOK
260 Regensteiner, Else Weaving Sourcebook BOOK
990 Ryall, Pierre Weaving Techniques For The Multiple-Harness Loom BOOK
873 Harter, Joyce Weaving That Sings: Variations On The Theo Moorman Technique BOOK
234 Gilmurray, Susan Weaving Tricks BOOK
797 van der Hoogt, Madelyn Weaving Well DVD
393 Pegg, Barbara Weaving Wihout A Loom BOOK
703 HGC, Weaving With Children School Project MISC
988 Tod, Osma Gallinger Weaving With Reeds And Fibers BOOK
104 Rainey, Sarita Weaving Without A Loom BOOK
143 Brown, Rachel THE Weaving, Spinning, And Dyeing Book BOOK
105 Held, Shirley E. Weaving: A Handbook of the Fiber Arts BOOK
233 Held, Shirley E. Weaving: A Handbook of the Fiber Arts BOOK
895 Tidball, Harriet Weft Twining BOOK
801 Hoskins, Nancy Arthur Weft-Faced Pattern Weaves BOOK
1168 von Tresckow, Sara When a Single Harness Simply Enough Book
1056 Dean, Jenny Wild Color BOOK
966 Ostercamp, Peggy Winding A Warp And Using A Paddle BOOK
684 Voiers, Leslie Winding Multicolored Warps With A Warping Paddle SEMINARS
1084 Tsukiyama, Gail Women Of The Silk BOOK
914 Barber, Elizabeth Wayland Women's Work BOOK
890 Weltge, Sigrid Wortmann Women'S Work: Textile Art From The Bauhaus BOOK
74 Tidball, Harriet Woolens And Tweeds BOOK
114 Bennett, Noel Working With The Wool BOOK
168 Bennett, Noel Working With The Wool BOOK
1077 Benjamin, Betsy Sterling THE World Of Rozome BOOK
328 Weber, Nicholas Fox The Woven Art Of Anni Albers BOOK
1074 Larson, Katherine THE Woven Coverlets Of Norway BOOK
312 Bateson, Vivienne Woven Fashion BOOK
785 Schlein, Alice The Woven Pixel: Designing for the Jacquard and Dobby Looms Using Photoshop Book + DVD
1119 Ellis, Catherine Woven Shibori Book
496 Goerner, Doris Woven Structure and Design--Pt.2-Compound Structures BOOK
435 Goerner, Doris Woven Structure And Design (Pt. 1) BOOK
750 Lamb, Sara Woven Treasures BOOK
908 Xenakis, David Xenakis Technique BOOK
325 Quinn, Celia Yarn, A Resource Guide For Handweavers BOOK
396 Anderson, Lee You Knit Unique BOOK
304 Davenport, Elsie Your Handspinning BOOK